Optus Loop

Build a business that keeps you in the loop with
customers and colleagues

Optus Loop allows you to direct calls to the right person automatically. Plus, you can track call usage through a simple web portal. Works on eligible devices through an app, meaning you’re easier to reach. If you’re busy, you can keep callers engaged with queues and customised hold messages.
Optus Loop allows you to talk anywhere you go through a simple app. Add your landline number to your mobile, so you can appear to be in two places at once. Handle customer enquiries professionally with fully automated answering system. Your virtual receptionist will greet and direct callers to specific areas or staff members by offering customisable dialling options.
Self-manage your communications. Set up who and what type of calls can be made and where the calls are routed to, giving you full visibility on call history.

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We are a team of professionals committed to building long-term customer relationships while ensuring effective results. We can guide you through the whole process, from choosing the best mobile or broadband plan for your business to troubleshooting any issue that may arise.
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